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Retro R 187 - Eyeglass

Retro Eyeglasses | R 187

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Retro R 187 - Eyeglasses

Retro R 187 Eyeglasses are specific and the most famous eyeglasses. The upturned outer edges of the facial portion boost and create the advent of a continuously up-to-date expression, making the cat eye shape obviously beautiful. The plastic-bolstered temple additives are strikingly angular. The Retro Eyeglasses 187 succeeds in balancing the want for a sturdy declaration with comfort. Full rim kind is the principle gain of Retro 187 eyeglasses. The Retro made this body. And designers of LensRxUSA are made for each man and woman. This body has a changed oval form and an entire rim design. The bridge is designed to deal with a 17 mm nose, for that reason, it must be in shape properly on a person with a shallow bridge. The 140 mm-huge improved temples wrap around your ears. These are to be had to your eyes prescription. The plastic sort of frame cloth gives greater elasticity and sturdiness of use. The lens width is 51 mm.

Item Specifics

  • Brand: Retro Eyeglasses
  • Model: R 187
  • Type: Eyeglasses
  • Style: Modern
  • Frame Color: Black Purple                                                                                                                                                                                               
  • Lens Material: Plastic
  • Sexual orientation: Unisex
  • Prescription Lenses Available
  • Accessible in your prescription

Black Purple color selections complement the classic heritage. Naturally, the traditional and well-liked option of wearing black and purple is that. The main advantages include thin, light lenses, 100% UV defense, and a coating that resists scratches. Plastic material is used in the Retro 187 eyeglasses frames. With the Retro Eyeglass 187 frame, you can make a bold statement without speaking a word. The angular cat-eye design of this frame refers to the past, but the materials and sculptural lines are utterly modern. Despite the plastic's vast and solid composition, recent advances in materials have made it lightweight in the nasal area.

Brand:Retro Eyeglasses
Model:R 187
Color:Black Purple

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