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Retro R 171 - Eyeglass

Retro Eyeglasses | R 171

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Retro R 171 - Eyeglasses

LensRxUSA is offering more eyeglasses in the Retro brand. They are available in burgundy color. Retro R 171 eyeglasses are fully rim-type eyeglasses. It offers more safety and clarity to vision. 52 mm is the lens width used in this eyeglass. These eyeglasses are regular use type and therefore, the hinge style is designed as a regular one. These types of eyeglasses are mostly seen in burgundy color, which helps to get the face in a brighter shade. Retro eyeglasses are amazing to wear on your daily life adventure. More eyeglasses may be purchased online right now in our web catalog, but the Retro has genuine craftsmanship that is obvious from a distance. Authentic cases are typically included with brand-name designer eyewear. This unisex frame is exquisitely made. The lens height is 16 mm and the frame width is 140 mm. A person with a shallow bridge on their nose should be able to fit comfortably due to the bridge's 16 mm size.

Item Specifics

  • Brand: Retro Eyeglasses
  • Model: R 171
  • Type: Eyeglasses
  • Style: Modern
  • Frame Color: Burgundy                                                                                                                                                                                           
  • Lens Material: Plastic
  • Sexual orientation: Unisex
  • Prescription Lenses Available
  • Accessible in your prescription

A wonderful pair of eyeglasses from the amazing Retro collection is the Retro R 171. These captivating eyeglasses contain an exceptional combination of sensational attributes. You can see Retro does a great job of highlighting all the great features of these eyeglasses by glancing at the Retro R 171. The Retro R's 171 particular features are extremely fascinating, and there are many of them. For individuals looking for eyeglasses built expressly for the right style and physical attributes, the Retro R 171 comes in a variety of styles, and the color is Burgundy. Buy Retro R 171 with confidence from LensRxUSA, an authorized online retailer of Retro eyewear. These Retro eyeglasses are completely new, and original, and come with a fashionable look. Purchase a Retro R 171 from now.

Brand:Retro Eyeglasses
Model:R 171

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