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Pentax ZT500 Blue - Prescription Safety Glasses

Pentax Safety Frames | ZT500

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Pentax ZT500 Blue

Pentax zt500 offers you the sureness that comes from sporting advanced, protective optics and enterprise riding quality and plan. With pentax zt500 safety glasses, a selection of patterns and plans there's a style open for all intents and functions any software program or surroundings. All pentax safety glasses are ansi z87. 1-2010 licensed and are open in a variety of focal issue tones and advanced lens coatings. Deliberate with essential subtleties for match, shape and restrict, our titanium edges and light-weight plans pass on a conclusive in guarantee, consolation and fashion. In 1919, pentax led the sphere of SLR camera primary focuses with excessive-kind and revolutionary matters. 

Pentax Safety Glasses

Today, pentax is taking its development higher than any time in current reminiscence with the advent of a movement of ably made optical lenses. Celebrated for its arrangement and accumulating of ophthalmic imperative focuses, pentax has directly gotten the relied on in logo for association eyewear. Building up your business with pentax optical lenses and make a global with perfect vision.


Computer supposed to assist give an agreeable fit to a extensive scope of head shapes and facial highlights 

Pentax zt500 safety glasses has detachable lens companies with included side protector 

Excessive visibility reflective temples for more distinguished perceivability at sundown and night 

Replaceable froth brow defender to help guard the eyes from particulates, sweat and wind

Pentax safety outlines have fragile adaptable nose pad 

Edges constituted of nylon, hues are stupid and yellow 

Pentax zt500 safety frames have potential to apply specific lens carriers for protection solutions. 

Brow bar over the significant focuses for consolation and to keep sweat 

Profoundly obtrusive canny asylums

Lens cloth from may be polycarbonate in approximately any answer 

Pentax zt500 black fuses forehead-defend aspect guard 

Requirements: ansi z87. 1-2010 

Brand:Pentax Safety Frames

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    The glasses are great!

    - Written by Scott Patterson on Jun 15, 2021

    The glasses are great! They arrived very fast. Called to make sure I was happy! I'm very satisfied with this order!

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