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Pentax ZT400 Tan Charcoal - Prescription Safety Glasses

Pentax Safety Frames | ZT400

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Pentax ZT400 Tan Charcoal 

From jazzy safety eyeglass frames to utilitarian eye safety goggles, 3M Pentax ZT400 has been an inexpensive decision. 3M Pentax spearheaded safety prescription eyewear within side the work region within side the mid 1900's. Many years after the truth 3M is furnishing businesses and employees with prescription safety eyewear gadgets that comply with OSHA work surroundings necessities. The well-being and safety of the employee is work number one and Pentax has stored on enhancing their gadgets with higher substances, stepped forward innovation and improved usefulness and solidness.

Pentax Safety Glasses

3M commenced as an abrasive’s producer. For over a century, we've got delicate our particular advances and supplemented them with development improvements created via way of means of different 3M businesses. Today, our abrasives rely upon traditional qualities, for example, gum definition, glues and covering, simply because the maximum modern advances, from micro replicated pottery, nonwoven substances and accuracy molded grains. The final results is an exhaustive scope of abrasives that cut, granulate, shape, finish, and smooth results easily and accuracy. So strong they are able to preserve an underlying board for the lifestyles of a structure... so sensitive they may be carried out to the pores and skin of a teen to ensure approximately tubing. Since 3M glues had been designed to fulfill our clients' requirements, they may be applied in such diverse gadgets as planes and PDAs, automobiles and scientific dressings. We dominate in reparable cements and epoxies. Also, obviously, pressure-sensitive tapes, which 3M imagined over ninety years prior.


· Shading: Tan | Charcoal 

· Global fit frame. Designed to higher in shape face shapes across the universe.

· Sanctuary Standard with flex tip

· Side Shields Integrated for Pentax ZT400 safety glasses

· Capacity to make use of several focal factor transporters for protection or sun wear

· Delicate movable nostril cushion to be had for Pentax ZT400 safety frames

· Exceptionally apparent smart sanctuaries

· Edges constituted of nylon, shading is naval force

· Pentax ZT400 Tan Charcoal has Polycarbonate Lens Material

Brand:Pentax Safety Frames
Color:Tan Charcoal

1 reviews for Product Long Name

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    I was very pleased with my frames

    - Written by Josh B on Jun 16, 2021

    I was very pleased with my frames, they were shipped pretty fast. I bought these frames before at lens crafters and they don’t carry them any more, I found them here and they have them in a variety of colors. The Pentax ZT400 is a great frame.

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