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Pentax ZT200 Black - Prescription Safety Glasses

Pentax Safety Frames | ZT200

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Pentax zt200 Black/Lime Green

The logo of Pentax safety frames known across the world for excellent and headway conveys that awareness to safety eyewear. To be had in a couple of patterns and guides of action, Pentax blends shape and limit — offering safety eyewear that passes on driving facet plan and substances, superior optics and focal point coatings, further as excellent cost. The wearer can ensure of being made certain while searching tremendous doing it. 

Pentax Safety Glasses

Pentax zt200 safety glasses offers you the sureness that comes from sporting advanced, protective optics and industry using first-rate and plan. With Pentax zt200 safety glasses, a diffusion of styles and plans there may be a style open for all intents and functions any software or atmosphere. All Pentax safety glasses are ansi z87.1-2010 certified and are open in a diffusion of lens tones and superior lens coatings. Planned with fundamental subtleties for fit, structure and limit, our titanium edges and light-weight plans bypass on a conclusive in assurance, consolation and fashion. Pentax (previously 3m) safety glasses provide you with the conviction that comes from sporting advanced, defensive optics and industry-driving high-quality and plan. With a group of patterns and plans, there's a style open for basically any utility or surroundings. All Pentax safety glasses from are ANSI z87.1-2010 affirmed and are to be had in a collection of lens tones and advanced lens coatings. Arranged with essential judgments for match, shape, and restriction, our titanium housings and light-weight plans bypass on an authoritative in sureness, comfort, and fashion.


  • Pentax safety glasses have fragile adaptable nostril pad 
  • Edges constructed from nylon, colorations are stupid and yellow 
  • Pentax zt200 safety glasses have potential to use special focal point companies for safety answers. 
  • Forehead bar over the principal focuses for consolation and to keep sweat 
  • Profoundly glaring canny asylums 
  • Lens cloth from can be polycarbonate in about any answer 
  • Pentax zt200 black fuses brow-shield side shield 
  • Requirements: ansi z87.1-2010 

Brand:Pentax Safety Frames
Color:Black/Lime Green

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    I love my glasses very fast delivery…

    - Written by Jones Haliem on Jun 15, 2021

    I love my glasses very fast delivery too will be ordering some more soon

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