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Pentax D490 Black Crystal - Prescription Safety Glasses

Pentax Safety Frames | D490

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Pentax D490 Black Crystal

3m Pentax safety glasses come up with the knowledge that comes from carrying advanced, defensive optics and organization riding and plan. With an collection of styles and plans there's a fashion available for almost any software or climate. All 3m safety glasses are ANSI z87.1 showed and are handy in an collection of focal element shades and advanced lens coatings. Deliberate with number one determinations for in shape, form and functionality, our titanium edges and light-weight plans deliver a definitive in reality, solace and style. 3m Pentax d490 with the useful resource of 3m offers commercial safety to adults. This Pentax d490 safety frame is plastic and offers a diploma of protection. Pentax d490 brings a look of street placed on to the protection market with its fashion and flare. With discretionary side shields it maintains a reliable appearance whilst supplying protection.

Pentax Safety Glasses

Pentax spearheaded safety eyewear in the paintings region inside the mid 1900's. Many years after the truth 3m is giving and people prescription safety eyewear objects that observe osha going for walks surroundings prerequisites. From stylish safety eyeglass casings to utilitarian eye making sure goggles, 3m has been an unmistakable selection. 3m safety is presently possessed with the useful resource of hoya vision, a primary optical lens producer with a worldwide affect. The protection and protection of the employee is work primary and 3m Pentax has stored on improving their objects with better substances, improved innovation and extended usefulness and longevity.


• Replacement nosepieces to be had

• Tested to and meets the stipulations of ANSI z87.1-2010

• Plastic side

• D490 protection frames are ANSI certified

• Pentax safety glasses has plastic development

• D490 black crystal safety glasses have elegant without delay returned sanctuaries

• Bendy nose cushions help with suit on nostril

• Incorporated facet shields

Brand:Pentax Safety Frames
Color:Black Crystal

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    - Written by Tracie Spina on Jun 16, 2021

    SafetylensUSA is amazing from the time I ordered to the time of delivery there were no problems at all. Great communication delivery was fast product was more than expected!!!! Very pleased with the quality of the frames that were purchased!

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