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Pentax Classic 4 Tortoise - Prescription Safety Glasses

Pentax Safety Frames | Classic 4

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Pentax Classic 4 Tortoise 

Pentax classic 4 safety glasses from are ansi z87.1-2010 permitted and are to be had in a set of lens tones and superior lens coatings. Arranged with fundamental judgments for match, shape, and limit, our titanium housings and lightweight plans skip on an authoritative in sureness, consolation, and style. Pentax classic 4 offers you the sureness that comes from carrying superior, safety optics and agency using first-rate and plan. With pentax classic 4 safety glasses, a diffusion of patterns and plans there may be a style open for all intents and purposes any software or atmosphere. Pentax classic 4 safety glasses are ansi z87. 1-2010 licensed and are open in a variety of focal component tones and advanced lens coatings. 

Pentax Safety Glasses

With a set of patterns and plans, there can be a fashion open for essentially any utility or surroundings. The brand of pentax safety frames recognized the world over for quality and headway conveys that attention to safety eyewear. To be had in more than one patterns and courses of motion, pentax blends shape and restrict — presenting safety eyewear that passes on the usage of place plan and substances, superior optics and lens coatings, further as first rate fee. The wearer can make certain of being made certain at the same time as searching amazing doing it.


• Department: 3m pentax safety glasses

• Collection: cutting edge collection

• Version: classic 4

• Material: metallic w/ spring hinges

• Color: tortoise

• Pentax protection outlines have fragile adaptable nostril pad 

• Edges constructed from nylon, colours are dull and yellow 

• Pentax Classic 4 safety frames have capability to apply one of a kind lens vendors for protection answers. 

• Brow bar over the principal focuses for comfort and to preserve sweat 

• Profoundly glaring canny asylums

• Lens cloth from may be polycarbonate in approximately any answer 

• Pentax traditional 4 tortoise fuses forehead-guard facet shield 

• Requirements: ansi z87. 1-2010 

Brand:Pentax Safety Frames
Model:Classic 4

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    I ordered frames from

    - Written by Michael on Jun 15, 2021

    I ordered frames from They arrived on time. The packaging was secure. The frames met my expectations based on what I had viewed online. It was an easy process that delivered.

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