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Harve Benard 709 - Eyeglass

Harve Benard Eyeglasses | Harve Benard 709

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Harve Benard 709 - Eyeglasses

These eyeglasses are mainly used by women. It comes in the appropriate color, pattern, shade, and size, among other options. You can get Harve Benard 709  eyeglasses from selected eyewear stores in the market according to your preferences and requirements. They are the best glasses available at Gaining clarity is beneficial in many ways. These kinds of eyeglasses are useful for any type of lens such as single, bifocal or progressive, etc. Moreover, both ladies and gents enjoy using these Harve Benard eyeglasses. Harve Benard is one of the top manufacturers of eyeglasses and it is available for both men & women. Modern eyewear includes the Harve Benard 709 eyeglasses and these eyeglasses have a nice appearance with an excellent look and feel. These kinds of eyeglass frames are made of plastic material and they come in black silver color. This shade provides the frame with a fashionable appearance. 

Item Specifics

Brand: Harve Benard Eyeglasses

Model: Harve Benard 709

Type: Eyeglasses

Style: Modern

Frame Color: Black Silver

Lens Material: Plastic

Sexual orientation: Ladies

Prescription Lenses Available

Accessible in your prescription

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Brand:Harve Benard Eyeglasses
Model:Harve Benard 709
Color:Black Silver

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