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Armourx 5008 Grey - Prescription Safety Glasses

Armourx Safety Frames | 5008

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Armourx 5008 - Grey - Build in Side Shield

Purchase ArmourX 5008 safety glasses Custom Lens from Our optical save practices on safety eyeglasses, fashion eyewear and shades. We delivery America huge protection glasses and provide customer neighbourly brings approach back. Come and go to our save to peer our objects and strive pleasant glasses like ArmourX 5008 and greater that we've in undeniable view. Book your eye check in advance of time with one in all our optometrists. The simple series consolidates a negligible plan and staple tones to make health outlines which can be something however hard to-put on. The collection's praising shapes are perfect for all face shapes. For an honest complicated appearance, the Basic Collection works.

Armourx Safety Glasses

The AmouRx safety glasses line of current protection eyewear may be incredibly custom designed in your prescription for the maximum perfect imaginative and prescient within side the running surroundings. ArmouRx safety glasses are recognized for his or her fashion plans with jazzy and sensible health eyeglass outlines in sizes to in shape guys or ladies. The first-rate craftsmanship, stunning appearance and feel, define cloth alternatives, and severe comparing choose ArmouRx protection frames is a wonderful decision. All safety eyeglass outlines meet the Z87.1-2010 ANSI general or better, and meet USA OSHA working surroundings stipulations. contains health aspect shields on your purchase within side the occasion that they're now no longer integrated into the brink you purchase. Each ArmouRx protection eyeglass define is attempted via way of means of an self-sustaining outsider to test consistence with ANSI Z87.1-2010 ideas. This greater strengthen offers an extra fringe of protection for you.


• Safety Standard: ANSI Z87.1 Compliant, CSA Z94.3 Compliant 

• ArmourX 5008 grey Coordinated Side Shield Protection 

• ArmourX 5008 safety frames have Ventilated Side Shield 

• Movement: Business, Construction, Engineering, Industrial, Manufacturing, Computer, Driving, Reading 

Brand:Armourx Safety Frames

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    Fast shipping and great price

    - Written by Sean Ryan on Jun 16, 2021

    The Safety glasses arrived quickly and the price was great!

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