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Prescription Eyeglasses at Bridgeport - Extend the Life of Your Eyeglasses

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How to Prolong the Life of Your Eyeglasses

Here are few do’s and don’ts to prolong the life of your eye glasses.

Use the Right Glasses Cleaning Tools and Techniques

When you take the time to select the right pair of glasses, you are making an investment because you know you will keeping this pair for a while. To make sure you make your money’s worth, it is equally important to use an alcohol-free glasses cleaning solution and cloth. Listed below are several ways of cleaning your glasses:

Method A: Sometimes, a professional glasses cleaning solution is not necessary to get the job done. According to an optometrist and chairwoman of the American Optometric Association suggests that one of the best ways to clean your glasses is by using kitchen-sink soap, warm water, and a soft cloth. A microfiber cloth is highly recommended, but the soft one you get from the optometrist works just as well. Make sure you are not using hot water to rinse your lenses off, as this can be too harsh for the lenses.

Method B: For frequent travelers, it might be easier to pick up a box of glasses cleaning wipes. These wipes are non-abrasive, anti-static, and anti-fog, which makes them highly beneficial and convenient.

Method C: Who knew that there was technology beyond the traditional spray-and-wipe to the glasses cleaning routine? That’s right, a glasses cleaning machine exists. Of course there are a variety of products ranging from low-end to high-end, but if you have a family, this machine may be worth the investment. This powerful cleaning system includes a container and lid with a tank inside to hold glasses. Once the glasses are inside, close the lid, and press the start button. In a way, it is very similar to a rice cooker. It uses ultrasonic energy to create microscopic cleansing bubbles remove tough spots with a gentle clean. It is capable of removing dirt, dust, and grime leaving your glasses spotless. This hygienic method is an easy way to add to your glasses cleaning routine and is safe to use on a daily basis. This system can be a luxury item and is certainly nice to have, but there is nothing wrong with the traditional method of using a professional glasses cleaning product and cloth.

Take Your Glasses Off With Both Hands

This may seem like common sense, but the devil is in the details. When using one hand to take them off, you are compromising the frames for a convenient removal. It may work for you at the moment, but’s it is not ideal for the longevity of your glasses.

Use Your Glasses Case

When you bought this pair of glasses at the optometrist, there is a reason why the specialist gave you the case to go along with it. As obvious as it may sound, many people go to bed placing the eyeglasses on the bedside table or on the window ledge. It may not seem that big of deal, but anything can happen. What if you have pets? They can knock it off that table or scratch the lenses of the glasses. Or if you’re trying hit the snooze button on your alarm, you might end up dropping your glasses instead. In either case, keeping them in a case can prevent damage and save you from visiting a glasses repair shop.

Glasses Repair Shop

A huge part of correcting vision is the position of the frames on your face. This is a fixed position tailored to sit in front of your eyes. If the position is compromised, so is your vision. Since your frame alignment is crucial, your glasses must be well-protected and well-maintained. There are many ways to get your frames fixed, but the best way is to have an optometrist or another professional look at them. Why? Even though there are glasses repair kits available, doing it yourself may cause more harm than good. You may end up twisting them or worst yet, crack the lenses.

If you happen to bend them or scratch them, your chances of getting covered through the glasses repair warranty become slim. Glasses are made from fragile components and professionals are trained to handle them. These glasses repair specialists also know how to align the lenses relative to your eye. It is also recommended to periodically have your glasses checked out. The nice part is that if you’re short on time, you can ship your glasses to online glasses repair vendors and they will take care of it for you.

These are the main points which are comes under the head of Don’t

Don’t Share Your Glasses

No matter how cool your frames may be, lending it someone else isn’t worth it. When you share them, you’re asking for trouble. Think about it: everyone’s head size and face shape is different—different from yours. This means that your frames may bend and warp out of shape, which is something not too fun to deal with. Just stick to keeping them on your face—trust us—it’s hassle-free this way. Don’t feel guilty to say no about this matter.

Don’t Use Your Breath to Clean Your Glasses

Needless to say, it is common for people for use the fog from their breath and a t-shirt as a glasses cleaning cloth. As convenient as this may be, it is not the way to go. Your shirt cloth may have debris and dust which can harm the lenses. In addition, do not use your spit to clean your glasses either. It is unhygienic and it won’t clean the lenses as well as a professional glasses cleaning solution.

Don’t Get Saltwater on Your Glasses

Although the beach may be a great place to catch the sun and hang out, your glasses deserve better treatment than coming into contact with saltwater. When they come into contact with ocean water, your lenses can be harmed and damaged by the small crystals in saltwater. Also, be careful about the sand too, as it can have the same effect.

Don’t Avoid Wearing Your Glasses in Extreme Weather Conditions

Your glasses are left behind—in the sun! The heat from the sun can cause serious damage to the polycarbonate that your glasses lenses are made out of. Extreme heat can damage them to the point where you can’t even see through them. The same also applies when in extreme cold conditions as well. When you’re traveling with glasses, it is best to take a glasses cleaning solution with you because you may get debris and dirt on the lens.

Don’t  Keep Your Glasses Off Your Head

This may be the daily habit for you, but the bad news is that it’s stretching out the frames. And at the same time, dirt and natural oils from your hair can get on the lenses, possibly smudge them or worse, harm them. So break the habit before you have to make a trip to the glasses repair shop.