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Safety Eyeglasses - Top 4 things to consider before buying Safety Eyeglasses


As a protection manager, the final aspect you need is an eye fixed harm at the process because of compliance being compromised – in particular while those accidents are without difficulty a number of the maximum preventable. In fact, over 90% of eye accidents may be averted surely by sports goggles.

And yet, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reviews that in the U.S., 2,000 paintings-associated eye accidents take place each day. What’s worse, 3 out of 5 accidents take place due to the fact that protective eyewear isn’t being worn or due to the fact flawed eyewear is being worn at the time of the harm.Finding and selecting the proper safety may be tough, and there’s absolute confidence that maximum present safety glasses available in the marketplace are uncomfortable, restrictive, fog up fast, and are even unattractive. Plus, they’re generally handled as a “one length suits all” answer in preference to taking into account specific face shapes, applications, painting environments, and more.

For protection managers who are tasked with ensuring personnel are sporting their safety eyeglasses while it’s required in addition to providing them with the proper pair they want at the process, those elements make it tricky. The incorrect safety eyeglasses can result in people warding off safety once they want it maximum, and eventually, harm.

Top 4 issues in your safety eyeglasses

The option to your popular safety eyeglasses problems? Finding a couple with the suitable stability of consolation, match, performance, and fashion – this stability is known as Wearability, and it’s best from us.

  1. Comfort

Safety eyewear desires to be comfortable, without stress factors in your nostril bridge, in opposition to the edges of your head, or at the back of your ears. Look for frames that consist of a mixture of difficult and smooth additives for delivered consolation that may be worn all day.

  1. Fit

One length body does now no longer match all, so it’s vital to discover safety eyeglasses that tests all of the boxes:

  • Fits in your face without gaps
  • Fits securely in your head without great stress factors
  • Stays in location while shifting head up and down and side-to-side
  • Allows for full, unobstructed peripheral vision
  1. Performance

Performance functions are extraordinarily vital. In the lenses, search for a wide-angle, wraparound lens layout with easy optical quality – this facilitates lessen blind spots, eye fatigue, and headaches.The major lens functions you’ll need are everlasting anti-fog and scratch-resistant coatings, as now no longer best have to the coatings perform, however you want to be assured that the coatings won’t prevent performing - regardless of how usually they’re washed.

  1. Style

They want to appear and sense exactly to your safety eyeglasses human nature. So, ensure the eyewear you pick out makes you sense now no longer best protected – however assured. Confidence in fashion is a large component in Wearability® and results in compliance.